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Welcome to our educational centre - one of the best Centres for Ecological Education in Poland. In our excellently equipped rooms and laboratories, you can make laboratory observations, take notes, calculate results, and enhance your knowledge about ecology. Our Centre is also the perfect location for school trips.

Our educational facilities are fully adapted to the needs of disabled people: the building is equipped with ramps and special sanitary facilities.



... organized groups of children and young people. During a few days stay at our premises, you can use our laboratories, visit the Polish Fauna Garden and the Botanical Garden, take walks along our educational trails, observe the habitats of birds inhabiting the ponds of "Myślęcinek" Park (we have binoculars for you!), learn how to distinguish various species of trees and other plants from one another and rent identification keys from our library.

Our hotel facilities have been designed with a view to accomodating the schoolchildren and young people who participate in our ecological education programmes.The additional attractions we have on offer include a ping pong table, pool table, playground and sports and leisure facilities. For an additional fee, we can also organize evening campfires.

Educational classes can be held in the so-called "green classroom", situated on a glade in front of the building. Visitors are also invited to make use of our library, where many titles about biology, ecology and nature can be found.

The loft, equipped with cozy and ecological pinewood furniture and comfortable rooms, can accommodate as many as 32 people for the night.


- EDUCATIONAL CLASSES for children, young people, university students and adults.

- OUTDOOR EXHIBITIONS AND WORKSHOPS in painting, photography, music and sculpture focused on the theme of ecology. Such events can be an exciting way of recording and transmitting various phenomena of nature.

- METHODOLOGY WORKSHOPS for biology and ecology teachers in kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and secondary educational institutions. The workshops are provided with professional equipment,and increase the teachers' qualifications and encourage educators to develop and conduct their own classes in the Center's classrooms.

- EDUCATIONAL COURSES in environmental protection for administrative employees of local governments. The courses are conducted by professionals from the Municipal Office, the Voivodeship Office and the National Inspection for Environmental Protection (subject to request).


Landscape Parks, the universities and colleges of Bydgoszcz, educational establishments and environmental protection institutions.



- ecological education for children and adults,
- state-of-the-art classrooms,
- organized school trips,
- summer and winter camps,
- field classes,
- educational trails,
- ecological library,
- training programmes,
- workshops,
- conferences and seminars,
- events and competitions,
- ecological fairs,
- exhibitions.